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Thursday, 26 February 2015

8 Things Everyone Must Do When Visiting Muscat

What are the best activities to do while visiting Muscat? What are the best ways to pass your time in there?

Whether seeking to indulge on a gorgeous beach vacation, get involved in a number of unique adventures or discover cultural wonders, the treasures of Muscat will not disappoint you. 

There are a broad selection of things to do in the capital of Oman. Here we take a look at some of the things everyone must do and experience when visiting Muscat.

Mirani Fort and Jalali Fort, both built in the 16th century by the Portuguese.

Al Alam Palace, a vision in turquoise mosaic and gold leaf. 

Flickr: Tristan Schmurr / Via: Flickr

Muttrah Souq, a maze of tiny winding streets.

The best buysaromatic frankincense, silver charms and spices.

Qantab, a beautiful tourist - free beach.

Flickr: Bilal Sarwar / Via: Flickr

Unspoilt water and unique marine life.

See these friendly creatures in their natural habitat.

The Chedi, one of the region's most luxury hotels.

Shop at The Mall, pick up a bottle of Oman's favourite perfume, Amouage.

La Sultanah, feel plush and elegancy.

Oman's National Day 18 November. Camel races, traditional dancing and lights shows.

It's easy to find all the must - see Muscat sights by looking at the most popular Muscat attractions in any travel guide of Oman. We have selected here some of them but the diversity of choices are endless. 

For anyone who has visited Oman. What was the most beautiful, incredible sight you saw while there? What are your recommended places to visit and activities to do while in Muscat?

Please, take a moment to leave your comments or thoughts below!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Bringing the Arabian Sea to life

Oman’s waters are brought to life by coral, crabs and colourful fish bringing the Arabian Sea to life. Whether it’s deep-sea diving or paddling pool depths, there is an underwater world waiting to be explored that can be appreciated from both above and below the water.

In sharp contrast to the arid environment that lies above, there is a multicoloured scene laid out below. The intricate structures of the coral reefs are expertly manoeuvred by Arabian angelfish, lion fish and silver fusilier fish, to name just a few of the 900 species that swim amongst the waters. 

Musandam on its own has more than 25 dive sites and in particular may attract some experienced divers who are in search of some invigorating drift diving. As commercial fishing is not allowed in this area of water, the volume of marine life is boosted substantially and it’s not unusual for divers to encounter most turtle species and a number of shark species. Favourite snorkel and dive spots include the Dimaniyat Islands nature reserve (a UNESCO world heritage site), Bandar Khayran and Fahal Island.

As the saying goes ‘there’s bigger fish to fry’ and in Oman’s case around a quarter of the world’s 88 species of cetaceans have been spotted in the coastal waters off Oman. Large groups of dolphin shoals are frequent visitors to the shores of both Muscat and Musandam and in a stunning display a group of over 2000 long-beaked common dolphins have been seen churning the surface of the water as they travel. Bryde’s whales are the most common whale species as are a group of Arabian Humpback Whales - the only group in the world that doesn’t migrate and can often be spotted off the coast of Salalah. A few lucky ones have even made sightings of Sperm whales!

The waters are also home to many different species of turtles, thousands migrate annually to lay their eggs on the shores of Oman. The arduous work of digging holes in the sand to bury their eggs lays the foundations to one of the most watched and loved moments of the year, for conservationists and tourists particularly, as the eggs hatch and baby turtles begin their dangerous journey to the waters edge. The Masirah is the largest nesting ground for the Loggerhead turtles in the world and Omani culture proudly protects this area with a week dedicated to conservation-focused activities. 

The rich waters of Oman are an oasis of calm overlaying an unimaginable underwater world. [ CLICK TO TWEET ] The outstanding preservation and cultivation of the marine life creates every diver’s dream. But there is only one way to truly find out for yourself, take to the waters and see!