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Thursday, 21 May 2015

36 Absolutely Stunning Pieces Of Oman

Natural beauty, fascinating traditions and heartfelt hospitality make Oman a country you really should get to know better. From luxurious 5-star beach resorts to sleeping under the stars in the desert, Oman’s diverse landscapes will take your breath away.

Royal Opera House Muscat  

Royal Opera House, Muscat (iwillbehomesoon/500px)
Nakhal Fort

Nakhal Fort (beautyeye/flickr)


Ash Sharqiyah (pierrehaut/flickr)

Nizwa Fort

Jalali Fort


Musandam (panoramas/flickr)


Al Alam Palace

Flickr: Tristan Schmurr / Via: Flickr

Real adventure

Bandar Khayran


Salalah (saf eins/flickr)


Flickr: Bilal Sarwar / Via: Flickr

Diverse marine life 

Wadi Darbat, Salalah

Wadi Darbat, Salalah (wajahatmahmood/flickr)

Birds in Dhofar

Muttrah Souq

Wadi Bani 

Wadi Bani Khalid (andries3/flickr)

Amazing wildlife

Mountain camps

Dimaniyat Islands Nature Reserve 

Unspoilt beaches

Musandam beaches, Oman - Like us:

Land mammals in Dhofar

 Land Rover Our Planet
Land Rover Our Planet via Flickr

Unique golf scene

Almouj Golf, The Wave, Oman

Water Spring

Ash Shuwaymiyyah

Desert experiences

Unspoilt water


Luxury hotels

Mountains in Dhofar

Pottery incense burner

Mirani Fort

Mugsayl Beach

Omani honey

Hand thrown pottery

Non-stop daily flight from Heathrow to Muscat with Oman Air; daily flights with Etihad from London, Dublin, Glasgow and Manchester

Still don't know where to go for your next holiday? If you need more reasons to visit Oman please see 101 Things to See and Do in Oman. 

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

6 Of The Best Wildlife - Watching Hotspots In Oman

Have you hiked along a shady wadi or camped out among our dunes? Have you discovered our secret beaches and islands?

Pack your swimwear, boots and binoculars, and prepare to be amazed.

You have heard of our cities, mosques and souqs but did you know Oman's nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries totalling almost 30,000 km2? The sheer diversity of our landscapes will astonish and inspire you.

In this article we will show you 6 of the best wildlife - watching hotspots in Oman.

1. Best for dolphin: Khasab.

Take a dhow cruise through the ruggedly scenic, fjord-like khors of northern Musandam, where humpback dolphins are commonly seen at play.

Flickr: Tom Olliver (via: Flickr)

2. Best for turtles: Ras al Jinz.

Visit Sharqiya's turtle reserve on a summer's night, and watch in amazement as female turtles haul themselves up the sands to dig their nests.

3. Best for whales: Mirbat.

This picturesque southern town has a small fort looking out to sea. If you are on a sailing trip, you may see humpback whales in the waters nearby.

4. Best for tropical fish: Damaniyat Islands.

Dive The Aquarium, as the islands' best scuba site is known, to see flitting fish, dazzling nudibranchs and delicate seahorses.

5. Best for birds: Masirah Island.

Well over 300 species including kingfishers, plovers, terns and flamingos have been counted on Masirah's wetlands and mudflats.

6. Best for desert mammals: Wusta.

This arid region is home to endangered Arabian oryx, a striking - looking gazelle, plus Nubian ibex, desert foxes, sand cats and caracals.

Our natural heritage is extraordinarily precious. If you love nature, our landscapes will beckon you on at every turn. 

Which spot would you choose? What would it be your best advice for a wildlife - watcher?

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Thursday, 5 March 2015

A Walk Through Oman, One Week Itinerary

Are you having only one week holiday? Are you thinking about your next destination? Well... Have you ever been to Oman?

A journey of discovery awaits you in this welcoming land at the crossroads between Asia, Africa and Western civilisation. Enjoy all of the marvels of this unique setting, the ideal gateway to Southern Arabia.

Would you consider Oman as your next holiday destination? Would you like to see more itineraries suggestions from us?

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

8 Things Everyone Must Do When Visiting Muscat

What are the best activities to do while visiting Muscat? What are the best ways to pass your time in there?

Whether seeking to indulge on a gorgeous beach vacation, get involved in a number of unique adventures or discover cultural wonders, the treasures of Muscat will not disappoint you. 

There are a broad selection of things to do in the capital of Oman. Here we take a look at some of the things everyone must do and experience when visiting Muscat.

Mirani Fort and Jalali Fort, both built in the 16th century by the Portuguese.

Al Alam Palace, a vision in turquoise mosaic and gold leaf. 

Flickr: Tristan Schmurr / Via: Flickr

Muttrah Souq, a maze of tiny winding streets.

The best buysaromatic frankincense, silver charms and spices.

Qantab, a beautiful tourist - free beach.

Flickr: Bilal Sarwar / Via: Flickr

Unspoilt water and unique marine life.

See these friendly creatures in their natural habitat.

The Chedi, one of the region's most luxury hotels.

Shop at The Mall, pick up a bottle of Oman's favourite perfume, Amouage.

La Sultanah, feel plush and elegancy.

Oman's National Day 18 November. Camel races, traditional dancing and lights shows.

It's easy to find all the must - see Muscat sights by looking at the most popular Muscat attractions in any travel guide of Oman. We have selected here some of them but the diversity of choices are endless. 

For anyone who has visited Oman. What was the most beautiful, incredible sight you saw while there? What are your recommended places to visit and activities to do while in Muscat?

Please, take a moment to leave your comments or thoughts below!