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Thursday, 25 June 2015

A Streamlined Sensory Experience: Camel Trekking

Following in the steps of the traditional transport used by Oman’s Bedouin tribes, camel trekking is perhaps the most exotic way to discover the local lands. Exploration of the desert’s endless dunes is a streamlined sensory experience – a pared down combination of horizon gazing, meals prepared over open fires and silent contemplation.

Various local outfits offer day, weekend or weeklong treks through picturesque swathes of desert including the Wahiba Sands. For the adventurous, camel trekking may be paired with camping under Oman’s star-studded skies. The bravest travellers may even follow in the steps of Wilfred Thesiger, who traversed much of the country by camel using a team of local guides.

For a further understanding as to the important role that camels continue to play in Omani culture and history, it is worth visiting former capital of Nizwa’s Livestock Market. Camels, goats and cattle are sold, bartered and exchanged at this weekly market, which is held outside of the town’s souk on Friday mornings.

For anyone who has visited Oman, what was the most beautiful, incredible sight you saw while there?
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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Glamping - A Luxurious Version Of Camping

The trend for glamping – a luxurious version of camping – has hit Oman

Have you ever thought about giving a chance to different concept of accommodation?

Many people like to take a break away from the hustle and bustle of city life with its pampered lifestyle and go camping to break the routine of their lives.

With its open wide spaces, the Sultanate of Oman is a paradise for outdoor activities. - CLICK TO TWEET

The Sultanate of Oman has a wide range of fascinating accommodation options: from luxurious 5-star beach resorts and boutique hotels to sleeping under the stars in the desert. Oman's diverse landscapes will take your breath away.

Among others, Desert Nights offers sumptuous, en-suite tented cottages dotted through the dunes, along with plenty of opportunities for sand boarding, exploring the desert by 4WD and camel rides. Hud Hud Travels sets up glamorous desert camp sites, complete with plush beds, private chefs and bonfires under the stars. 1000 Nights Camp tempts with an open-air swimming pool and guided stargazing tours. Eco-friendly mountain top camp The View is as tranquil as it is exquisite.

In addition to the camps created for tourists around Oman, visitors are allowed to pitch their own tents. Lovers of the natural environment and outdoor life can choose to camp in some truly remarkable locations. The laws of the country impose no restrictions in this respect, so you can camp wherever you like: near wadis, in the mountains, on the beach or in the desert. The only requirement is to show respect for the environment and local people. The ideal period for camping is between October and April, but even in the summer pleasant temperatures and astounding views can be found on high ground, such as the Sayq plateau and the peaks of Jabal Shams. 

What's your idea of camping? Would you consider Oman as your next destination?

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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Here's Everything You Want to Know About Dhofar

Hidden beaches, lapped by the Arabian Sea, abound throughout the Governorate of Dhofar. The city of Salalah is blessed with kilometre after kilometre of soft white sand, the main beaches including those at Dahariz, Al Baleed and Haffa, near Al Husn Palace.

West of the city the mountains give way to the beaches of Mugsayl and beyond, creating dramatic backdrops. To the east of Salalah, unspoilt beaches can be discovered all the way to Taqah, interrupted only by a few creeks. Beyond Mirbat, the nature of the coastline changes to one of small coves; some with Dhofar's famous white sand, others of multihued granite pebbles worn smooth by the power of Oman's Arabian Sea.

Al Baleed, Dhofar

Set on the edge of the Arabian Sea, just to the east of Al Husn Palace and the souq, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Al Baleed is a combination of open air archeological site and The Museum of the Frankincense Lands. The Museum of the Frankincense Lands focuses on three themes: one is The Governorate of Dhofar's historical and archaeological heritage; the remarkable maritime tradition Al Baleed and the other UNESCO sites, including Sumhuram which is located east of Al Baleed and Ash Shisr, set on the edge of the Rub Al Khali desert. The maritime room includes superb models of Omani boats from 3,000BC to current times.

Mountain drive along Safait Road in Dhofar

Ancient travellers such as Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo knew the trading town and its port as Dhofar / Zafar, the name now used for the entire southern region of Oman. The impressive southern sea walls of Al Baleed form part of the fortifications of the town. Protected by the walls were the citadel and grand mosque. Both of these impressive buildings were originally approached by a bridge over the surrounding lagoon. 

Mirbat Fort, Port & Bin Ali Tomb

Situated between the extraordinary escarpment of Jebel Samhan and the Arabian Sea, Mirbat is a charming coastal town. Historically it traded in horses and frankincense, more recently in abalone and from its fishing harbour, fish. Overlooking the harbour entrance is Mirbat Fort which, in origin, is an early 19th century fortifications. Beyond Mirbat the coastline becomes more rugged as the road winds through outcrops of granite rock on its way to Sadh, with its small fort, and Hasik, set on a vast sweeping bay.

Taqah Castle 06
The town of Taqah's charming coastal setting to the east of Salalah makes it an attractive town to visit or stay in. To the west of the town is Khor Taqah, a lagoon edged with natural reeds and a section landscaped to enjoy the views. From the lagoon, a long walk or drive along the beachfront will take you past coconut plantations towards the older part of town. Here is the Sheikh Afif Mosque, which is located next to Taqah Fort. The fort is build around an open courtyard offering its residents privacy and security and, from its upper storey, allows visitors views of the town, mountains and sea. From the fort it's possible to take a short walk through the back streets of the town, where visitors will see several old buildings in traditional Dhofar Governorate style.

One can imagine the magnificence of this province when most parts of the Arabian Peninsula witness a rise in temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius in summer. But, in Salalah, the capital of Dhofar that lies 1,040 kilometres away from Muscat, temperatures never rise above 27 degrees Celsius. There are daily flights between Muscat and Salalah, as well as other Arab Gulf states.

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Thursday, 9 April 2015

9 Gorgeous Places To Eat In Oman

What are some of the most delicious foods and drinks in Oman? Where are some of the best places to eat?

Omani cuisine reflects our rich ethnic and tribal mix. Our chefs blend flavours from the Arabian and Indian subcontinents in dishes such as grilled mishkak kabas, shuwwa and harees.

Omani families entertain at home rather than in restaurants, but our hotel scene is expanding, and with it, our restaurant culture.

Our classic sweet delicacies are dates and halwa, a soft blend of sugar, semolina, ghee, saffron, almonds and fragrant rosewater. Both go perfectly with khawa. This is an aromatic black coffee, flavoured with cardamom and poured from a metal coffee pot into beakers (finjan), as a sign of hospitality. It is always polite to accept. When you have finished, just shake our cup gently, saying Bas, shukran (Enough, thank you)

In this article we will show you 9 Gorgeous Places To Eat In Oman:

1. Al Bustan Palace. One of the finest places in Oman for fresh, locally - caught fish and seafood. You can enjoy it right beside the sea, under the stars. Muscat

2. Bin Ateeq. Reassuringly authentic, with majlis cushions on the floor, khanjar daggers on the walls and harees on the menu. Branches in Muscat, Salalah and Nizwa.

3. The Chedi. This stylish hotel's award-winning restaurant offers Omani, Asian and international cuisine in serene surroundings which ooze modern-Arabian chic. Al-Ghobra.
4. Kargeen Caffe. Popular with expats and locals, this laid-back Muscat restaurant serves Omani grills and Italian dishes in a lantern-lit garden and shisha lounge. Madinat al Sultan Qaboos Plaza.
5. Mumtaz Mahal. One of Muscat's best Indian restaurants, with excellent cooking and sweeping views. For a theatrical finish, order a Snake Coffee, flavoured with flambéed orange peel. Qurum.
6. Opera Galleria. The complex adjoining Muscat's beautifully designed Royal Opera House Café and fine dining restaurants with an international flavour. Muscat.

Royal Opera House, Muscat (iwillbehomesoon/500px)
7. Silder Station. This industrial chic restaurant specializes in gourmet and classic sliders and burgers as well as a wide range of American grills, tapas and salad.
8. Shangri - La Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa. This impressive resort has restaurants - choose between Arabian, Moroccan, Italian, Lebanese, Asian or traditional Omani seafood. Barr al Jissah.
9. Tokyo Taro Restaurant. Enjoy authentic Japanese food with a "Tepanyaki" counter and variety of sushi, sashimi and tempura.

Many hotels serve international cuisine, but if you would like to try something more authentically Omani, look out for qabooli (a hearty dish of rice, nuts, raisins and mutton or beef), harees (meat stew, thickened with wheat) and shuwa (tender, lightly spiced, slow-roasted meat).

What would you like to eat in Oman? Where do you think it is the best place to go for a dinner? 

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

27 Photos Of Oman That Will Make You Pack Your Bags And Go

Natural beauty, fascinating traditions and heartfelt hospitality make Oman a country you really should get to know better. From luxurious 5-star beach resorts to sleeping under the stars in the desert, Oman’s diverse landscapes will take your breath away.

Royal Opera House Muscat  

Royal Opera House, Muscat (iwillbehomesoon/500px)
Nakhal Fort

Nakhal Fort (beautyeye/flickr)


Ash Sharqiyah (pierrehaut/flickr)

Nizwa Fort

Jalali Fort


Musandam (panoramas/flickr)


Al Alam Palace

Flickr: Tristan Schmurr / Via: Flickr

Real adventure

Bandar Khayran


Salalah (saf eins/flickr)


Flickr: Bilal Sarwar / Via: Flickr

Diverse marine life 

Wadi Darbat, Salalah

Wadi Darbat, Salalah (wajahatmahmood/flickr)

Muttrah Souq

Wadi Bani 

Wadi Bani Khalid (andries3/flickr)

Amazing wildlife

Mountain camps

Dimaniyat Islands Nature Reserve 

Unspoilt beaches

Musandam beaches, Oman - Like us:

Unique golf scene

Almouj Golf, The Wave, Oman

Hospitality and gastronomy 

Desert experiences

Unspoilt water

Luxury hotels

Mirani Fort

Non-stop daily flight from Heathrow to Muscat with Oman Air; daily flights with Etihad from London, Dublin, Glasgow and Manchester

Still don't know where to go for your next holiday? If you need more reasons to visit Oman please see 101 Things to See and Do in Oman. 

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