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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Top 10 Awesome Things To Buy In Oman

What are some of the most beautiful things to buy in Oman? What can Oman offer to its visitors?

Oman offers a wonderful range of traditional Arabian products both natural and manufactured, ranging from inexpensive bags of aromatic frankincense and tubs of bukhoor through to elaborately wrought khanjars and chunky Bedu jewellery.

In towns like Mutrah, Nizwa, Rustaq and Salalah, trading is a way of life. The aim is not just to buy and sell, but also to pour coffee, share it with friends and catch up on the news. 

Visitors, too, can take the pulse of an Omani town by exploring its souqs or covered markets, their stalls stacked with incense, produce, spices and antiquesOmanis like to shop in the cool of the evening. To enjoy the souqs at their most lively and atmospheric, visit after sunset.

In this article we will show you the top 10 things travellers can buy in Oman.

1. Frankincense.

2. Pottery incense burner.

3. Omani honey and dates, available in most souq.

4. Hand thrown pottery.

5. Amouage perfume.

6. Traditional craft items (woven baskets, mats, tribal weaving, camel trappings).

7. Khanjar (dagger) - but make sure you check first if you can import this into your country!

8. Bedouin handmade silver jewellery.

9. Replica miniature dhow.

 10. Wooden Mandoos (dowry) chests studded with brass tacks.

What would you buy in Oman? Is there anything else you would include in this list?

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Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Very Best Of Oman (New Infographic)

Thirsty for adventures? 

Whether you want to chill out on the coast, camp under the stars, unwind in supreme luxury or simply enjoy the winter sun, each Oman's geographical regions has something unique to offer. 

With pristine beaches, magnificent deserts, rugged mountains and a history that spans over 5,000 years, the Sultanate of Oman will refresh, engage and inspire you. Not sure where to start? Here are some suggestions to help you plan the perfect itinerary. 

Do you like to feel close to nature? Do you love luxury, elegance and style?
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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Top 10 Reasons To Visit The Sultanate Of Oman

Natural beauty, fascinating traditions and heartfelt hospitality make Oman a country you really should get to know better. From luxurious 5-star beach resorts to sleeping under the stars in the desert, Oman’s diverse landscapes will take your breath away.


Adventure seekers can explore some of the world’s largest caves, discover spectacular diving spots or simply watch the world float by aboard a dhow.

Vibrant souks sell traditional silverware, spices and Omani dresses, providing explorers with colorful impressions, and hagglers with timeless souvenirs.
If you still have doubts we give you the Top 10 Reasons To Visit The Sultanate Of Oman:

1. 5,000-year-old traditions and culture, four UNESCO World Heritage Sites and more than 500 forts and castles. 

2. Variety of accommodation, from luxury, boutique, resorts, and spas to eco-friendly desert and mountain camps. 

3. Amazing wildlife, from Ras al-Jinz Turtle Reserve to flamingos in Dhofar. 

4. Real adventure, from climbing, hiking and caving to watersports, diving and kitesurfing. 

5. Diverse marine life including dolphins, turtles and whales. 

6. Unspoilt beaches, 2,000 miles of coastline and remote islands. 

Musandam beaches, Oman - Like us:

7. Growing golf scene, including three championship 18-hole golf courses. 

Almouj Golf, The Wave, Oman

8. Omani hospitality and gastronomy. 

9. Desert experiences, including wadi drives and oases. 

10. Non-stop daily flight from Heathrow to Muscat with Oman Air; daily flights with Etihad from London, Dublin, Glasgow and Manchester.

Still don't know where to go for your next holiday? If you need more reasons to visit Oman please see 101 Things to See and Do in Oman. 

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Monday, 8 December 2014

The Best Souks in Oman: A Cultural Experience

Souks and Souvenirs - One of the most beautiful attractions of Oman.

Oman is home to numerous souks. These traditional marketplaces have been an integral part of local life for centuries. Every place has its distinctive flavour and every city has a market that relates its stories, embraces its history and accompanies its evolution.

Both Khanjar daggers and frankincense are prized local souvenirs. Khanjars are handcrafted from pure silver and may cost up to £2,500, depending on age and intricacy. Each one requires the skills of at least three specialised artisans: one each for the dagger, the filigree case and the special leather belt that fastens around the waist.

Visitors to Muscat’s Gold Souk will be dazzled by the displays of jewellery, including many Arabian designs, in 18, 22 and 24-carat gold. Prices are based on the day’s gold rate, the weight of the item and a maker’s fee. Other unique souks include:

  • Sohar Handicrafts, located in Al Hajra region near Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Wilayt Sohar in Al Batinah North Governorate. Craft shops sprawl over an area of 7,000 square metres and the souk houses under one roof various Omani traditional industries and handicrafts, such as leather, ceramics, palm leaves, cotton textiles, wool, gold, silver, as well as perfumes, herbs, natural medicines, honey, Omani sweets (Halwa) and traditional weapons.

  • Al Husn in Salalah, renowned for its traditional Arabian perfumes and frankincense. Al Husn Souq is characterised by its location in the middle of Salalah’s old neighbourhoods in Dhofar Governorate. This souq retains a traditional style with its handicrafts, conventional in their design, shape and function, such as braziers and other traditional handicrafts. Al Husn Souq retains its ancient architectural personality, having preserved the original features of its surroundings, apparent in every corner.

What's your favourite Souk so far?  Have you ever been in any of these Souks? What are other Souks you'd like to visit in Oman?

Please, take a moment to leave your comments or thoughts below.

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Prince Harry arrives in Oman for Sultanate's National Day

Her Excellency Maitha Al Mahrouqi; Undersecretary of Oman Ministry of Tourism greets HRH Prince Harry

Prince Harry arrived in the Sultanate of Oman on Tuesday 18 November just in time for the Sultanate's National Day, the visit reflects a close personal and respectful relationship that exists between The Royal Families of both countries. The Prince is keen to see and experience the country for the first time following recent successful and enjoyable visits by other members of his family, including The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh in 2010, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall in 2013.

He received an official greeting on arrival at Muscat International Airport by His Highness Sayyid Haitham Bin Tariq Al Said, Minister of Culture and Heritage and the Omani Patron of the Omani-British Friendship Association.

Prince Harry and his accompanying delegation also visited the historic Nizwa Souq. He was received by Sheikh Hamad bin Salim Al Aghbari, wali of Nizwa. During his tour to Nizwa Historic Souq and Nizwa Castle, Prince Harry viewed different craft industries and familiarised himself with various Omani traditional crafts. He also visited Jebel Akhdar as well.

Making use of the opportunity to view local arts and crafts at the Souq outside the gates of the Fort, HRH was then greeted with a traditional sword dance inside the Fort's courtyard.

On Tuesday night, His Highness Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq Al Said hosted a dinner reception at the Al Bustan Palace Hotel in honour of Prince Harry and his accompanying delegation on the occasion of his current visit to the Sultanate.

Many other notable figures find Oman to be the perfect holiday destination with; Lulu Guiness,Christopher Biggins and Kate Silverton visiting recently. Find out more here

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