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12 Most Colorful And Vibrant Souqs In The Sultanate Of Oman


Wondering where the best places to shop in Oman are? Want to know about some of the most interesting tourist attractions in the Sultanate?

Souqs in Oman hum with an energy that has been handed down the centuries. 

In this article, you'll discover the 12 most colourful and vibrant souqs in the Sultanate of Oman:

#1: Mutrah Souq
One of the oldest markets in Oman, dating back about two hundred years. Its antiquity has perhaps increased the extent of its beauty, magic and allure. If you enjoy visiting public markets, you must see Mutrah Souq, the most beautiful market your eyes will ever see!

#2:  Al Hafah Souq
Al Hafah Souq lies 3 kilometres from the city of Salalah in Dhofar Governorate. It is surrounded by lofty coconut trees and is the perfect place to buy the best kinds of gum and incense, not only in Dhofar, but also in the Sultanate.

#3: Al Husn Souq
Characterised by its location in the middle of Salalah’s old neighbourhoods in Dhofar Governorate. This souq retains a traditional style with its handicrafts, conventional in their design, shape and function, such as braziers and other traditional handicrafts. Al Husn Souq retains its ancient architectural personality, having preserved the original features of its surroundings, apparent in every corner.

#4: Ar Rustaq Souq
Built in Wilayt Ar Rustaq in Al Batinah South Governorate, Ar Rustaq Souq is one of the most popular markets in the Sultanate. From the small hours of the morning this market becomes a hub of activity where various goods are traded such as traditional industries and crafts like silver, blacksmithing, palm leaves, folk remedies, various agricultural crops, in addition to a famous courtyard for selling sheep and livestock frequented by citizens from Al Batinah region’s various states.

#5: Sohar Handicrafts Souq
Located in Al Hajra region near Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Wilayt Sohar in Al Batinah North Governorate. Built in the style of Arab-Islamic architecture, Sohar Handicrafts Souq was inaugurated in 1999 with a view to encouraging artisans and to preserve Oman's traditional handicrafts. Craft shops sprawl over an area of 7,000 square metres and the souq houses under one roof various Omani traditional industries and handicrafts, such as leather, ceramics, palm leaves, cotton textiles, wool, gold, silver, as well as perfumes, herbs, natural medicines, honey, Omani sweets (Halwa) and traditional weapons.

#6: Ibri Souq 
An important landmark and an active economic and tourism centre. It is the most prestigious and largest souq in A'Dhahirah Governorate, built adjacent to Ibri Castle in the Eastern Province. Characterised by its specialised sections such as gold and silver shops, popular Arab supply shops and a dedicated area for the sale of animals. 

#8: Nizwa Souq
This souq lies in the vicinity of the walls of the famous Nizwa Fort. Its building embraces both traditional and modern architectural lines. Through its many alleys and divisions, Nizwa Souq has remained for hundreds of years home to a number of local industries, such as daggers, copper, spinning, livestock sale, fish, vegetables and handicrafts.

#9: Bahla Souq

Bahla Souq is a short distance from Bahla Fort. It has many traditional industries like making daggers and copper artefacts, in addition to Omani sweets (Halwa). This Souq is famous for its active commercial activity.

#10: Al Mintarib Tuesday Market

Every Tuesday of the week in Wilayt Badiya in A'Sharqiyah North Governorate (Eastern Region). This souq overflows with handicrafts made by Badiya villagers and adjacent areas, where the visitor will find small treasures made of gold and silver, as well as daggers, swords, textiles, objects made of palm leaves, leather goods, in addition to agricultural, meat and fish products. The souq is open only from six to ten in the morning.

#11: Ibra Wednesday Market
Every Wednesday of the week in Wilayt Ibra in A'Sharqiyah North Governorate - dedicated to women only. Every week, women head to this market to buy all they need. It is open from six in the morning until one in the afternoon.

#12: Sinaw Thursday Market
Is held every Thursday in A'Sharqiyah North Governorate. It is a very busy market due to its proximity to the Bedouin communities who head there to buy staples and sell their livestock and handicrafts. This market runs from six in the morning until one in the afternoon.

A journey of discovery awaits you in this welcoming land at crossroads between Asia, Africa and Western civilisation. Enjoy all of the marvels of this unique setting, the ideal gateway to Arabia.

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