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Top 7 Most Beautiful Water Springs In The Sultanate


Wondering where to find water springs in Oman? Did you know that most of the them have water all year round?

The importance of natural water springs varies according to the quality of their water, ranging from warm and cold water, fresh drinking water, saline and alkaline water, mixed with valley water which is suitable for agriculture. There is another kind of spring that contains varying proportions of mineral salts, making them ideal for curative and relaxation purpose.

Springs of different kinds are widespread in various parts of the Sultanate. Most of these springs stem from the mountainous areas and vary in their abundance of water, temperature and quality ... including:

Dhofar is famous for the presence of more than 360 springs distributed on the mountain tops and the edges of mountains adjacent to the coastal plain while a small number of springs are present in An Najd area. Most of these springs have water all year round.

Seasonal rains, known locally as Al Khareef, are the primary source of the underground reservoirs in the mountain and plain areas. Rain falls regularly on the plains and the mountains adjacent to them from the end of June to September every year. Among the best-known springs in Dhofar are:

Arzat Spring: 
One of the most beautiful and abundant springs in the Governorate of Dhofar. Visitors should be sure to visit this natural tourist site in autumn to enjoy the flow of pure water through its rivulets and relax in the vicinity of its gorgeous surroundings. 

Sahalnawt Spring: 
This is one of the springs frequented by many tourists due to its proximity to and ease of accessibility from the city of Salalah.

Hamran Spring: 
Popular with visitors throughout the year, especially on autumn weekends. It is about 14 kilometres to the city of Salalah, and about 7 kilometres from the main road leading to Taqah.

Jarzeez Spring:
One of the most attractive water spring for many tourists because of its proximity to Iteen Plain. From the intersection of Iteen Plain, the distance between Jarzeez Spring and the city of Salalah is about 7 kilometres. What distinguishes this spring is the forest of shady trees that sits at the foot of the surrounding mountains.

Darbat Spring: 
Located in the eastern part of Wilayt Taqah on the main road leading to Mirbat, on a beautiful mountain slope facing the north. Tourists can see the cascading Darbat Falls from the main road when water levels in Darbat Valley rise after heavy rainfall and the spring gushes and froths.
What distinguishes this spring is its beautiful landscape, virgin nature and forests of large cactus and canard trees. 

AlKasfah Spring: 
Located in Wilayt ArRustaq in Al Batinah South Governorate. It is a collection of natural water springs whose temperatures reach up to 45 degrees Celsius. Hot water pours out of it in several streams to irrigate orchards. AlKasfah Spring is famous for its sulphate therapeutic waters.

AthThawarah Spring:
A collection of hot springs that gush forth all year round from Silud Mountain and flow from the valley for a distance of 300 metres before branching out into two tributaries: Falaj “Kabbah” and Falaj “As Sarooj”. Wilayt Nakhal depends on this spring and its tributaries to irrigate its cultivated lands.

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