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10 Of The Most Outstanding Beaches In The Sultanate Of Oman


Are you looking for a good beach destination? Do you want to know where the most beautiful coastlines in the Sultanate are? 

Oman's coastline stretches for a distance of 3,165 kilometres, including beaches overlooking the Sea of Oman, the Arabian Sea and the Straits of Hormuz in the North. The nature of this coastal strip varies from tourist-friendly sandy beaches where summer holidaymakers hang out, and the rocky coasts, bays, islands and lagoons with their diverse geographical make-up, making them ideal for fishing and marine excursions. In this article, we will show you 10 of the most outstanding beaches in the Sultanate of Oman: 

Mutrah Corniche:
This is near one of the most important ports in Oman, Port Sultan Qaboos in the heart of the capital Muscat. It overlooks beautiful mountainous rocky formations and is one of the most gorgeous sites in the Governorate of Muscat, ideal for picnics, watching the sea and admiring ancient buildings.

Al Bustan Beach:
Located in the Governorate of Muscat, Al Bustan Beach overlooks the mountains, these mountains lend the beach an unsurpassed sense of privacy.

Al Uzaibah Beach:
Located in the Governorate of Muscat. Several cafes spread out along the beach. Big portions of this beach have been allocated and prepared to receive the public, where seats and shelters have been set up.

Al Qurum Beach:
This beach lies in Al Qurum Area in the heart of Muscat and extends over a large area. Its location is very near to shopping centres and restaurants. Walking enthusiasts can enjoy the boardwalk along the beach and then rest on the numerous chairs and umbrellas that dot the beach.

Dhofar Beaches:
As for lovers of diving and water skiing, they can rest assured that the shores of this Governorate are among the best in the Sultanate. You can easily access these shores through well-paved roads and other services.

Sohar Corniche:
Located in Al Batinah region. Along the route overlooking the coast and passing the Sohar Historical Castle, you'll see restaurants, signboards, umbrellas to lounge under, and every amenity for the visitor. 

As Sawadi Beach:
Located in Al Batinah region. It lies 70 kilometres from the capital Muscat. What distinguishes this beach is the beautiful rock islands scattered close to the coast. These islands lend a touch of the artistic to the location and are an important spot for both migratory and indigenous birds.

Ras Al Hadd Beach:
About 60 kilometres from Sur City, the capital of the Ash Sharqiyah Region. The beach is distinguished by its spectacular bays and rock formations which are havens for large numbers of birds.

Shores of Al Wusta Region:
Al Wusta region is characterised by a series of beaches varying in nature and topography. All its beaches enjoy mild weather that often blow cool breezes accompanied by a light water spray which gives them their distinctive atmosphere.

Duqm Beach:
This beautiful beach is known for its soft and clean sands, its azure waters and cool breezes, and is only 20 kilometres from the centre of Wilayat.

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